Bursztynowe Piaski

How it all began ...

A passion for travel, admiration for the eclectic style of architecture, collection of items with soul or the desire to imitate the idyllic lifestyle of past centuries and a court open to guests. All fueled with literature read during childhood and adolescence - these and other similar images were encoded in our minds for many years.
The dream was to buy an old, ruined palace or mansion. It had to have charming alleys, old trees in a park, singing birds and the sound of water from a fountain.
We were enchanted by several locations but it always ended with disappointment.
After several years of searching for a charming location we found an area on Sobieszewo Island. The old park with paths was substituted with a fenced-in old pine forest covered with green moss, berries and mushrooms. We were also very satisfied with the beautiful, wild beach with a bird sanctuary and the sound of sea waves and sunsets instead of the dreamed about water fountain.
The idea of an old manor house open all year round for guests was supplemented with the thought of opening a boutique guest house, built according to the design of a Pomeranian manor from the late nineteenth century and based on our own arrangements.

And although we are still changing many elements of decor and furnishing to maintain the harmony between tradition and modernity, our manor does not change its romantic soul ....

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