New drawbridge

The most important road investment on the Island so far. The island was the last place where you could still ride the pontoonbridge in 2018. The island was accessed via a 150-meter pontoonbridge, which was the last of its kind in Poland.

It was a truly atmospheric experience, and therefore some residents, and tourists still regret that it is gone! But the infrastructure of the Island is already catching up with the prezent day, receiving a modern drawbridge with complete technical infrastructure. Both spans of the bridge open in 2 minutes, allow swift sailingatspecifiedhours for vessels. The speed of traveling by car or city bus has shortened the traffic flow even more, especially during the summer season.

The road to the center of Gdańsk takes about 20 minutes. The New bridge is 181.5 m long and 14.92 m wide. As much as 1447 tons of steel and 6.978 m³ of concrete were used to build the en tire bridge structure. There are two lanes on the bridge, the total width of the road is 7m, the pavement - 2m and the bicycle path running through it - 2.4m. The bridge is controlled remotely from the desktop in the technical service building.


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