Bicycle path - another investment on the Island

The Island is such a specific place where timehas stopped. Residents lead a peaceful life here,  in greenery,  in the vicinity of beautiful forests,  the sea,  the Vistula and sandy amber beaches. The Island is the largest district of Gdańsk, the only one with Natura 2000 status, but at the same time the least populated. That is why we can find peace and quie there, it is a good place to relax and experience nature.

This communion with nature should take place without the participation of cars! Therefore,  it is with great joy not only residents but also Guests  visiting the island, have received the news of a newly created, modern bicykle path.

It runs through the entire island and connects it with the cycling route to Gdańsk. Currently, the Island can be reached by bike directly to Gdansk. The island's bicycle path is very comfortable, two-way, 3 meters wide, approx. 7 km long. It is lined with a mix of asphalt and mineral matter, reducing vibration while driving and offers less drag than a traditional asphalt surface. On the path there are also benches, bicycle racks, new plantings of greenery, sidewalks and bus stops were modernized, new road lighting was created, thanks to it you can also safesy driver after dark.


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